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Pigott & Co is a law firm based in Nelson, BC. From this base, we service clients throughout the Kootenays as well as in BC and Alberta. What makes us different? Commitment, Service and Experience:

Commitment. Leon serves clients on a wide range of matters and offers each client the same commitment: to serve them in the most efficient and helpful manner possible. His aim is always to obtain results for his clients and he is committed to solving problems and adding value to his clients, not just billing hours.

Service. Pigott & Co is a welcoming and friendly law firm that cares about its clients. We offer many levels of service ranging from simple wills to complex business transactions and international deals. Our first priority is to serve our clients and meet their needs, whether it is a big transaction or a small matter. We communicate clearly and regularly with all our clients to ensure that each one understands and agrees to the steps that are taken.

Experience. Leon has been practicing law since 1994 and has handled transactions ranging from complex billion dollar acquisitions to home purchases and wills and everything in between. He has worked internationally and has served his community on local boards of directors. He has the experience to help with your project.

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From the Owner

"My wife and I moved to the Kootenays in 2007 from the big city. We wanted a great place to raise our kids and we have found it here. We love the people and the sense of community that surrounds us. I am still amazed by the business ventures that start up and take place here and the ingenuity and diversity in this relatively small geographic area.

It did not take long before I wanted to make my contribution to this great community. I established Pigott & Co in 2009 to use my skills and experience to support local businesses, residents in our communities and people that want to move here.

Before moving to Nelson, I had worked in large corporate law firms and in-house for a large company. I also obtained an MBA in London, England. This background gave me the opportunity to learn how to practice law with some of the top practitioners in Canada on complex deals with sophisticated clients.

At Pigott & Co, I offer my clients this same breadth of experience whether they are starting their own technology company, completing a major property development or getting their first mortgage. I thoroughly enjoy helping people in my community pursue their dreams. Get in touch with me anytime if you want to talk about my approach and to see if I can help you with what you want to do."

- Leon Pigott

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